Since 2001, we have helped dozens of customers, from different industries, modernize their processes, eliminating manual procedures and assisting them with service improvement and business growth.

Central Public Administration

Opensoft offers services and solutions for the central public administration, more specifically in the fields of taxation, customs and real estate. Our projects involve: taxation management; customs regulation; compliance, fraud and risk management; workflow and process management; and channel and customer relationship management.



Banking and Financial Services

Banks and organizations that provide financial services need systems that are robust, reliable and secure. Also, there is a whole new generation of users that relates to financial institutions solemnly through digital channels. Opensoft develops specific solutions for this sector like, for example, certification and electronic signing of bank statements and data reporting systems.


Sports and Education

Portal development that integrates different levels of information and hundreds of users. Opensoft’s systems ensure data integrity and are one of the main channels of communication used by organizations. In the field of Sports, Opensoft developed a system that integrates data provided by dozens of entities. In the field of Education, we developed a workflow and process management system for a university.


Notary Services

Development of integrated solutions designed to help notaries manage their daily activities. Tasks such as the preparation and registration of public deeds, invoicing or the fulfilment of legal obligations are simplified and automated to ensure a more efficient management of a notary office.