We are a team of software engineers who like to think and have genuine passion for work.

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At Opensoft we work in an environment where the debate of ideas is highly stimulating and where your opinion matters since day one. Our work is on the edge of the public service information society.


We have a high level of demand on our projects which reflects on the level of demand we put when looking for the professionals that will join our team.

Want to know if you have what it takes?

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SuperTeam Opensoft

Working at Opensoft

Open environment with idea discussions. We can’t resist a good discussion about technology… Or groundbreaking ideas!

We’re not afraid of large volumes of data and users. We like to learn how to do better and different.

Each person is unique and so is every career plan. Each one can trace his own learning and development goals.

Our Culture


Throughout the year Opensoft organizes and promotes several brainstorm, idea sharing and general relationship building events. We’re more than just our work and we like to know each other as people.


Most of these events result from the initiative of our software engineers.


Which ideas are floating around?

We want to be aware of all the trends and share knowledge, that’s why we organize this mini-conference, open to everyone who wants to contribute with a presentation (technical or otherwise).


It’s important to keep in touch with the academic world and giveback some of the knowledge we generate through the students that become part of our team.

We like to share, in workshop, what we learned about a recent and interesting cutting edge technology.

Summer Event

Each year, in the beginning of summer, this event gathers all the company in an undisclosed location for a couple of days of adventure, far away from the computer screens.

…what we have for you:

Ongoing technical Training

Training is really important at Opensoft.
We invest in areas that reflect the need for technological change at Opensoft and organize transversal training sessions. Above all, we invest on the qualifications that each person needs for his professional development.

Internal Presentations

We like to share ideas and debate. So, if anyone has a new idea, we organize an internal presentation on that theme.

Career Plan

We’re all software engineers, but very different from each other.

At Opensoft we recognize that, so each one designs his or her own career plan: How do you see your professional evolution? What do you need to reach the desired goals? This way, we define the path that each one wants to follow inside Opensoft.

Career Progression at Opensoft

Interviewing Process

1st - Profile Interview

We want to know you better and explain some details about Opensoft. This is an interview, a conversation and a kind of meet-and-greet. What we are trying to find out is: can we work together?

2nd - Technical Interview

You'll meet one (or more) of our software engineers. You'll be interviewed by a professional that does what you're applying to and he'll try to figure out if you have the relevant technical knowledge.

3rd - Final Interview

This last stage is the validation interview. Normally, it's our CEO that runs the interview. The main goal is to understand if there's a match between what you're looking for and what we have planned for Opensoft.

Job Openings


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Full Stack Software Engineer (Lisbon)

We’re looking for a top-notch full stack software engineer to join our team! If you’re looking for a hand full of new challenges, this is the place to be!

More about this opening

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