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Transforming your business focusing on the user

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are fields that complement each other to create easy-to-use systems that meet user requirements.

Developing or improving a digital experience that involves the user requires a unique combination of creativity, technology, and usability, skills that you find in Opensoft’s team.




Ensuring applications with the best practices of UX and UI is also investing in research trends and emerging technologies. Part of this research was applied in the development of our first framework, Lightweightform, which accelerates the development of forms.



For the success of an application, it is essential to consider the ease of use, its performance, and its availability. With these vectors in mind, we have developed innovative solutions that include the best usability practices and put our clients one step ahead of their competitors.



Our clients’ concern in providing the best user experience has made us develop several responsive applications that simplify the filling of complex forms.



We develop user-focused, responsive, and user-friendly applications, taking into account the needs of our clients. Alongside that, with experience in structuring large volumes of data, we are also experts in simplifying interfaces.

Why your business should invest in UX/UI?


Responsive applications improve user satisfaction and experience, so investing in UX/UI is important to gain competitive advantage in the market. At a time where simplification, fast loading interfaces, and ease of use are so desired, the focus on UX/UI is fundamental.



An open-source solution to develop demanding forms with a reduced investment of time and effort. It provides a wide range of libraries and resources, ready to integrate into your technological project, offering a robust and effective alternative to the use of other solutions, such as Java Applets or Adobe Flash.

Migration of IEFP Forms

Migração de Formulários IEFP

Opensoft collaborated with the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) in the technological evolution of its applications, ensuring the update and migration of several forms to the institute’s new portal, Iefponline. The project included the use of the Lightweightform framework to ensure the display of the new forms in a short time and in compliance with the portal’s graphic standards.

IRS: Technological Evolution

Evolução Tecnológica do IRS

This project consisted of the reformulation of the front-end component used in the collection tax declarations (IRS), in order to address new tech and usability needs. This solution was developed using the Lightweightform framework, in order to replace the Java Applets used in the forms.