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We analyze your business and suggest strategies for process simplification and productivity gains.


The strategy is essential for your technological project to achieve the intended goals and create value for your business.

Opensoft’s technology consulting services offer an objective and specialized view on how you can use technology to benefit your business, identifying opportunities for improvement, and promoting differentiation in the market.


Communication between systems

Communication between systems is much more than connecting the systems your business depends on. Think about technological changes to enhance the development of new products or processes and, naturally, align technology with your business to achieve your growth goals.

Opensoft specializes in coordinating and executing system optimization tasks, improving processing flows, and identifying productivity gains, whether through system integration or the definition of necessary updates to the technological infrastructure.

System update

For organisations that face the challenge of updating old systems, Opensoft designs low-risk modernization strategies that do not affect your business daily tasks.

The tasks for updating systems begin with an evaluation of the applications in use and the definition of a strategy that creates immediate improvements to the organisation’s processes. All strategies take into account future requirements, in order to reduce technical debt and guarantee the scalability of solutions.

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