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The right protection for your systems

Our projects involve massive management of data, increasing the attention to information security, and the need to guarantee the reliability, confidentiality, and availability of data. Thereby, in our processes, we adopt the management practices of the ISO 27001 standard.

We offer solutions for user authentication based on secure communication protocols (HTTPS, SSL) in systems of a single organisation or between organisations, also authorizing access to several systems with just one authentication.

Segurança da Informação



Opensoft’s team develops an assessment of each project’s security needs, identifying technological requirements, and selecting the most appropriate protocols so that data security is not compromised.



With extensive experience in complex projects with internal and external authentication requirements, Opensoft is the right partner to plan, build, and integrate your applications securely.



In Opensoft’s portfolio, several applications are accessed by millions of users, so security in their authentication is a priority in all our projects.



Focusing on system integration and its safe use, Opensoft provides services that promote information security and ensure secure authentication, analysing each user’s permissions to access system information.

Why your business should invest in information security?


Attacks on an organisation’s systems are a constant threat, especially at a time when data is so important in each business strategy. The need to protect data from external threats can no longer be denied, but internal threats must also be considered. Thus, along with the existence of systems that allow secure user authentication, it is necessary to promote awareness of information security, avoiding risky behavior.

Authentication system

Sistema de Autenticação

This system is responsible for identifying taxpayers towards the Tax and Customs Authority, acting as an important security mechanism in the access of information and services provided digitally. It is a system that offers several accreditation alternatives, including VAT number and tax portal’s password, the Citizen’s Card or EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Information System), and the access to services is managed according to each taxpayer’s profile and authorisation level. The system is currently used by several Public Administration entities, as a way to ensure the identification and correct access of citizens to services.

Integrated authentication

Integração com CC e CMD

The digital era has brought several challenges, including the need to ensure the correct identification of users using online services. One of the ways to ensure this identification is related to mechanisms implemented and consolidated, such as the citizen card and the digital mobile key. In this context, Opensoft integrates authentication services based on these mechanisms to ensure the accurate identification, as well as secure and confidential access to information.