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Improve your systems, simplify your business

We develop systems of collection, processing, and dissemination for organisations that have data transfer needs within the organisation itself and/or with external entities.

Poor integration of systems costs companies half a million euros per year, hence the importance of interoperability solutions that promote data access, quality, and security.

Integração de sistemas



Opensoft’s team specifies the type of architecture and the technologies to use on system integration, what are the requirements for the data and APIs of each system, not forgetting the security recommendations needed for the process.



Opensoft’s team has experience in integrating internal or external systems and is prepared to solve any obstacles to system integration and performance.



We work with our clients so that they can operate effectively and with all the systems they need, even if they are legacy systems.



We are specialized in systems integration through web services and APIs with guaranteed scalability, ensuring effective communication, and safe data transfer.

Why your business should invest in system integration?


Applications that work independently and with no communication with each other or legacy systems with vital information to the business that cannot be discontinued. Are any of these scenarios familiar to you? With system integration you can access all systems on a single platform and, in some cases, you can even consult the information in real-time.