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Lightweightform is a free and open-source framework that eases the development of demanding forms, that is to say, forms with complex and structured information, with different types of validations and user interactions.

It offers an extensive library of pre-programmed and pre-tested resources, enabling development across multiple devices while reducing implementation time and cost.

Lightweightform - produto Opensoft
SAFTPRO - produto Opensoft


SAFTPRO is a global solution designed to collect and process large volumes of information through a single file.

It allows file communication in one single interaction, validating the information received both syntactic and semantically and giving end-users the result, all in real-time.



SIMN is a tech solution designed to respond to the daily needs of a notary. Easy to use and intuitive, SIMN is continuously upgraded to integrate legislative changes.

SIMN allows notaries to manage all their daily tasks in an optimized and automatic way.

SIMN - produto da Opensoft