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New ways to operate and create an impact on your business

Nowadays, organisations can collect massive amounts of information. IDC, a consulting company, predicts that by 2025 the volume of digital data will reach 180 zettabytes.

The skills of our team allow us to be big data enablers, namely in the areas of data collection and ETL (extract-transform-load) processes, helping your decision making.

Big Data



We help organisations to take advantage of their data using powerful mechanisms for the massive data collection so that they can analyse and use them for the evolution of their business.



Our experience in collecting data for use in big data systems is highly specialized in the field of finance, particularly when creating robust data structures. Our product SAFTPRO is a result of our experience in mass data collection to fight tax evasion.



Using big data mechanisms enables us to provide the right tools to our clients, so they can get extra data to make their businesses more efficient.



Our data collection and ETL process services help organisations explore new ways of doing business and improve their market forecasting capabilities, responding more effectively to their customers’ needs.

Why your business should invest in big data?


The data generated by your business increases daily, making it hard to have time to read it and take advantage of its analysis to improve response time or service efficiency. So, it is important to invest in mechanisms to collect and structure this data by creating an application that allows its easy reading.



e-Invoicing is a solution that communicates to the Tax and Customs Authority the data of invoices and similar documents, issued in any transmission of goods or supply of services, reducing situations of tax evasion. The communication is made by form or sending a standard file SAF-T(PT), by upload or web service, giving buyers and issuers the possibility of consulting and correcting the information, as well as pronouncing if a divergence is detected. The solution currently receives over 450 million invoices per month.



SAFTPRO is an off-the-shelf solution targeted to entities with specific needs in collecting and processing large volumes of data, more specifically, through XML files. Although initially developed to be used by Tax Authorities around the world, it is a solution that can be used by any entity, offering an integrated view of the data and enabling more in-depth analysis to support decision making.

Common Simplified Report


A solution that combines, in a single declaration, the information provided by companies to the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority, the Ministry of Justice, the Bank of Portugal, and the National Institute of Statistics. Integrated with the Annual Declaration, it is one of the most complex forms available on the Tax Portal, containing more than 11,500 fields and respective validations. The information collected is validated and distributed among the various entities involved, through web services, to enable its subsequent analysis and processing for various purposes.