Software Engineer (Lisbon)

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What we expect from you

Take part in project development teams, to implement Opensoft’s solution. You’ll be expected to give a contribution to the tecnological development, best practices propagation and inovation of Opensoft’s processes.

Your tasks will include

  • Project analysis, software development, unit and integration testing;
  • Project documentation, including design, technical, user and test plan documentation;
  • Participating in projet meetings.

What it takes to do this job

  • For this job it is essential that you have a 5 year academic degree in computer science.
  • You should excel in: Java, SQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, Webservices.
  • No previous professional experience is required, but you must have very good programming skills and potential to evolve in our working environment.  However, if you have worked with SPRING before, it will be a very nice to have;
  • Your Portuguese must be highly fluent (both written and spoken).

What do we have for you

  • Continuous professional development, including the training you consider relevant;
  • Career planning, you’ll be leading the process;
  • Annual company profit sharing.

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