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Service Portals

Opensoft develops portals that display both informative content and online services for different organizations.


Our team holds a vast experience in the development and maintenance of robust and scalable portals, that provide hundreds of services to millions of users, simultaneously. Among our projects there are portals that provide more than 400 services to 12 million users, under the same platform.


Portals are also an important communication tool between organizations and users, which is why it is essential for them to have high levels of availability and security, whether it is done through authentication mechanisms or user authorization.


Opensoft’s service portals are comprised of several components: Internet, which represents the first level of information seen by the user; Intranet, backoffice features only accessible to organization employees; and Extranet, features that require authentication and are only available to a user or a group of users to which he belongs.


Opensoft develops the best solutions for service portals using content management systems that are recognized internationally by the market like, for example, Liferay.


Some projects developed by Opensoft


  • Finance Portal
  • Housing Portal

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