Validation and Data Collection

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Validation and Data Collection

Opensoft has experience in developing applications that ensure validation and collection of large volumes of data. According to our customers’ needs, we build systems providing quality information across multiple platforms.


With extensive experience in developing data collection systems using complex forms, Opensoft has created systems used for applications processes, sending statements, registration, and other formats that require forms with data collection and validation.


We developed several applications of data collection that integrate multiple validations and business rules, allowing immediate treatment of the collected information and improving its processing.


Applications developed by Opensoft can automatically compare information collected with data available in other systems. The data comparison can occur between the various applications of the organization or among external systems. To this end, we use Web services that ensure interoperability and data consistency.


Opensoft ensures online and offline usage of applications. When used in the online mode, the application allows data entry and the simultaneous transmission of data. Offline applications allow the organization of the information by the user on his desktop and the internet connection is used only for the data submission. The security and confidentiality of electronic messages is guaranteed through the integration of applications with authentication and authorization mechanisms.


Validation and data collection systems can be integrated with external systems, according to the clients’ requirements, such as online payment methods, such as ATM or PayPal, registration systems (for authentication, authorization and pre-fill information), among others.


Opensoft developed the Java application most used in Portugal and built several systems that integrate multiple complex forms, including a single form with more than 11,500 fields for data collection and validation.


Applications developed by Opensoft contribute to dematerialization processes within the organizations. Paring our work with the client’s needs led us to a system that reduced the usage of paper documents in an organization to 10-15%.


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